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Sportfishing Boston Harbor and beyond



Fishing tackle and rod&reels: ALL gear will be provided. No license needed. The Captain's license covers everyone on board. We use high quality Penn rods & reels and our preferred method is live bait. We have an onboard tackle selection to rival most tackle shops and are always fully prepared for any situation presented to us. From ultra light spinning gear to light action conventional gear to unlimited 130# class and everything in between. (Fly rods are not left on board, please make a special request for fly rods in advance) You're also welcome to bring along  any of your personal gear that you would like to give a good work out, our mates will set up your gear for the best chance of success.


Food & Beverages:  Bring snacks, drinks, sandwiches etc. for the day. 

 Beer & Wine is permitted, Please bring cans, NOT glass bottles.

 NO hard liquor and NO DRUGS, Drugs of any kind are NOT permitted per Coast Guard regulations. 

  NO WEED ! it is still FEDERALLY illegal, and we are under federal jurisdiction while on the water.

Bananas are also bad luck on a boat 


Weather:  Bring appropriate clothing, remember it is usually much colder out on the water than on land. 

Rain gear if there is a forecast chance of showers. We still fish if it's raining, the fish are already wet. Boston harbor is very sheltered and only severe weather will affect an inshore trip. 

 No crocs or other slippery sandals, The deck gets slippery when wet. Work-boots are also fine. (it's a fishing boat :) 


 Sunscreen/hat/sunglasses.  Camera/ smartphone/charging cords, please take proper precaution to protect all electronic devices from saltwater

 Please make previous arrangements for obtaining sea sick pills/patches/etc. BEFORE arriving for your charter. IF you or your party have any history of seasickness, it will make the day more pleasant for everyone onboard . Most seasickness medication needs to be started the night before, once you're seasick it's too late.




Trips may be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, mainly inclement weather, solely at the discretion of the Captain.  IF your trip is cancelled you may reschedule or request your $100 retainer be refunded.


If the charter person/group cancels for any reason, especially in the 24-48 hrs before the scheduled trip, the $100 retainer is forfeited.  Outside the 24-48 hr window, the retainer may be refunded at the Captain's discretion.

General inshore area for 1/2 Day trips
General offshore area for Full Day trips
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